What Happens When We Frack the Forest?
In Pennsylvania, scientists are tracking how birds and other wildlife respond to gas development
Audubon Online Fossil Fuel Boom Series, December 2013

Still Life
For art or science: the curious urge to display dead things in the home
Adirondack Life, August 2013

Shorter winters chip away at northern logging season
Winter is the most productive time of year for northern loggers, but winter is getting shorter
The Daily Climate, March 2013

Swift Notes
The annual arrival of the swifts marks completion of one of the longest migrations in the western hemisphere
Adirondack Life, June 2013

Making Hay
A New York farm owner manages fields for grassland birds
Audubon, May 2012

The Last Refuge
The uncertain future of Adirondack mountaintops
Adirondack Life, May 2012

Changes afoot at the nation’s largest seafood event
Consumers will choose sustainable fish when they know which fish that is
Grist, March 2012

Give Me My Fish
In my neighborhood, mercury is primarily an issue of food
Civil Eats, August 2011

Natural Life, for

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